Health Is Everything: A Medical Blog

Health Is Everything: A Medical Blog

What To Look For In A Weight Loss Program For Adolescents

When it comes to adolescents losing weight, it is important to tread lightly. Kids are very impressionable, and many are already very self-conscious about their appearance at this age. While it may be a good idea for your child to lose weight for their health, it's really easy for your efforts to support their health to be perceived as criticism. For this reason, it's

Understanding IV Therapy For Anxiety Treatment

If you live with moderate to severe anxiety, you know the need for the proper therapy and medications. You likely are already on a treatment plan. That treatment plan may include NAD. This is a coenzyme that helps boost your mood. It can also help with various issues in your body that are a result of the anxiety you are feeling, including help with neurotransmitters.

How Vein Treatment Helps Those With Venous Ulcers

Varicose veins are a common type of health issue that occurs to many people as they age. When these bulging veins develop, a person may find that they suffer from other related issues that are also quite painful, such as venous ulcers. Managing these ulcers requires understanding how they develop and getting high-quality treatment that decreases a varicose vein risk.

How to Get More Out of Your Reiki Appointment

One of the unique things about reiki is that it is a collaborative treatment. In other words, while a practitioner will guide the energy healing, you, as the patient, will also contribute to the session. The more active and engaged you are in your own reiki treatments, the better your results will be. So how can you get more out of your reiki appointment? Take a look.

4 Things to Know About Ketamine Therapy for Major Depression

Ketamine has been used as a sedative, anesthetic, and pain-killer in the past. However, recent studies have shown it as a promising therapy for treatment-resistant depression. Because of its quick-action, it can be especially effective in people with suicidal tendencies. If you have major depression, bipolar disorder, a personality disorder, then your doctor may recom