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6 Childhood Respiratory Illnesses That Aren't The Cold And How Urgent Care Can Help

Does your child have a cold—or something else? Symptoms such as sore throat, a cough, fever, and congestion are signs of more than one type of viral or bacterial infection. If you're not sure whether your child has a cold or not, take a look at what you need to know about the possible culprits and how an urgent care clinic can help. 

What Other Illnesses Have Cold-Like Symptoms?

There's a reason it's called the "common" cold. According to the American Academy of Pediatrics (AAP), children may have between eight and ten colds during their first two years. Even though the cold is a common respiratory illness that most children will catch repeatedly, it isn't the only reason why your child may have a sore throat, runny nose, or other similar symptoms.

Other illnesses that have cold-like symptoms also include:

Parents should never attempt to diagnose a possible respiratory infection on their own. Even though it might seem like your child has a cold, upper respiratory symptoms require a medical evaluation and a doctor's diagnosis.

How Can Urgent Care Services Help?

Your child's regular pediatrician isn't the only medical provider who can diagnose and treat a respiratory illness. The top reasons to seek help from an urgent care clinic include evening/weekend service, a no-appointment-needed option, and the availability of on-site testing. 

An urgent health care clinic provider can examine your child on the spot, order tests (such as a nasal swab for COVID, a throat swab for strep, or a chest x-ray), diagnose the illness, and recommend a treatment. If your child needs further evaluation, the clinic doctor can help you to take the next steps toward your child's treatment. 

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