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5 Benefits Of Getting Cataract Surgery

Cataracts are a common eye disease that develops gradually over time. Symptoms of the condition include blurry vision, double vision, sensitivity to light, glare, and poor night vision. Although cataracts can affect anyone, they are more common among smokers, heavy drinkers, and those with a family history of the disease. If you have been diagnosed with this eye disea

ADHD Can Look Different In Girls

For girls, the signs and symptoms of ADHD look different. This means that many young girls go undiagnosed for ADHD because their symptoms do not look exactly like the symptoms of young boys. If you believe that your child has ADHD, it is a good idea to consider the ways in which girls may experience different symptoms. Here are some of the signs to look for. Frequent

How A Stroke Group Can Help Fight Loneliness

Strokes can occur at many different times and can cause a pretty broad range of different health issues. Unfortunately, some people may end up experiencing emotional struggles that can be upsetting and hard to fully pinpoint, causing them to feel lonely and emotionally troubled long after their stroke. Thankfully, a stroke group can potentially help out with this dama

What To Look For In A Weight Loss Program For Adolescents

When it comes to adolescents losing weight, it is important to tread lightly. Kids are very impressionable, and many are already very self-conscious about their appearance at this age. While it may be a good idea for your child to lose weight for their health, it's really easy for your efforts to support their health to be perceived as criticism. For this reason, it's

Understanding IV Therapy For Anxiety Treatment

If you live with moderate to severe anxiety, you know the need for the proper therapy and medications. You likely are already on a treatment plan. That treatment plan may include NAD. This is a coenzyme that helps boost your mood. It can also help with various issues in your body that are a result of the anxiety you are feeling, including help with neurotransmitters.