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Why Exercises Are A Major Component Of Physical Therapy

If you go to physical therapy for the first time after you have become injured, you might wonder what to expect. Physical therapy can involve a lot of things, such as the use of ultrasounds and whirlpools. But one of the most important aspects of physical therapy is the use of exercises to strengthen your body so you can recover from your injuries. 

What to Expect from a Physical Therapy Session

Your doctor may prescribe that you receive physical therapy. However, in many cases, you are also allowed to receive physical therapy even without seeing a doctor.

Some of the exercises that you may receive are entirely passive. This might be the case if you are not able to manipulate your limbs on your own. Under these circumstances, the physical therapy services will allow you to rest and relax while they apply pressure to your limbs.

For example, you might have a difficult time moving your legs to exercise your hamstring and a physical therapist might move your leg to exercise that muscle as a way to increase your strength.

Active Exercises and Exercises You Can Perform at Home

Active exercises are exercises that you are taught by a physical therapist and that you perform on your own. You will need to perform some of the active exercises at home so that you will be able to fully recover. 

Why Exercises are Important

Exercising has a variety of benefits when you are recovering from an injury. By making your muscles stronger and by improving the flexibility of your limbs, you'll find it easier to move them. Also, by increasing the strength of your muscles, your body will be able to provide better support and this can help alleviate pain you are experiencing. 

How to Prepare for Your First Session

To have the best possible experience, you will need to prepare for your physical therapy session. Make sure to ask questions so that you can find out if the physical therapist has the experience and skills to be able to help you recover from your injuries. You will then discuss your goals and the treatment options that are available to you.

The physical therapist will evaluate your body to find out how strong you are, your current range of motion, your flexibility, your joint mobility, your balance, and your cardiac function. Then, you will be able to get started with your physical therapy regimen. 

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