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Pros And Cons Of The Skin Patch For Low T Treatments

Low testosterone treatment has come a long way over the years. You no longer have to have injections at your doctor's office as you may have done several decades ago. Now, there are many different ways to address your low T levels. One of those options is a testosterone skin patch. The skin patch is a wonderful choice for many low T patients, but it's just one option, and it is not for everyone. Here are some pros and cons to weigh if you're thinking of using the skin patch yourself.

Pro: You don't have to worry about others being exposed to testosterone.

With some testosterone replacement methods, you have to worry about others being exposed to the product. For example, if you use a testosterone replacement gel, you don't want others to touch the skin where the gel has been applied because their skin may absorb some of the testosterone. This is not an issue with the testosterone skin patch. The patch will seal the testosterone against the skin. If someone happens to tough the patch, there won't be any consequences.

Con: You may have to think about the visibility of the patch.

You'll put the testosterone patch on your back, stomach, thigh, or even your upper arm. For most people, this is not an issue. But if you have a job where a lot of your body is exposed — or if you're someone who swims or engages in another hobby where your skin is exposed — then you may feel self-conscious about the patch and prefer a different testosterone replacement method.

Pro: You don't have to worry about dosing.

You use one patch, applied at the same time each day, and it delivers just the amount of testosterone you need throughout the day. You don't have to worry about measuring out your dose or accidentally using too much. This makes the patch a great choice for busy people.

Con: The patch may be a little uncomfortable if you have a lot of body hair.

If you have a lot of body hair, the patch may pull the hair when you remove it. You can minimize this problem by choosing a less-hairy place to apply the patch, but this might not be possible for everyone.

The skin patch works so well for many patients who need extra testosterone. Just make sure you think over these pros and cons before opting for this treatment.

For more information on low T treatments, contact a professional near you.