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Reasons To Consider A Portable Oxygen Rental

When you think of someone that needs supplemental oxygen, you might envision someone recovering from a serious surgery or someone who needs to be made more comfortable at the end of their life. But there are plenty of good reasons for younger or fully healthy people to consider supplemental oxygen taken through a portable oxygen rental. Here are just some of the situations where having an extra boost of oxygen handy could prove useful to you.

You Want to Ramp Up Your Workouts

Are you an athlete looking to recover faster between workout intervals? Someone like a long-distance runner that depends on their blood oxygen level for top performance could find their endurance increased if they were to ensure better oxygen intake through their body during rest periods between runs. A solid oxygen supply can prevent your muscles from fatiguing too quickly. If you are currently training for something important and want an extra push, a portable oxygen rental might get you over the top by allowing you to recover faster and work harder.

You Need a Mental Boost in the Middle of a Long Day

Oxygen is a substance that you breathe in and out through your lungs, but the quality of your oxygen and your overall oxygen blood level directly affect many other organs throughout your body. Are you feeling like you're not thinking clearly or like you are having trouble staying focused in the middle of a grueling workday or a non-stop study session? Get out your portable oxygen tank and relax for a little bit with some deep breaths, and the pure oxygen may help rejuvenate your body and get you re-focused and back on track to finish the rest of your session or workday strong. If you know you have a particularly rough work week coming up on the schedule, you could rent a portable oxygen machine in preparation for what's ahead.

You Want to Sleep Through the Night

It's a medical fact that oxygen levels inside a person's body tend to drop overnight as the body is repairing itself and readying for the next day. If your oxygen drops too low, though, you might either wake up or your body won't be able to fully rejuvenate. Taking in some pure oxygen with a portable rental that you keep at your bedside could help lead to a better night of sleep. If you have been suffering from insomnia, restless sleep or other similar issues, try out an oxygen rental and see if it will help you before you commit to buying your own tank.

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