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ADHD Can Look Different In Girls

For girls, the signs and symptoms of ADHD look different. This means that many young girls go undiagnosed for ADHD because their symptoms do not look exactly like the symptoms of young boys.

If you believe that your child has ADHD, it is a good idea to consider the ways in which girls may experience different symptoms. Here are some of the signs to look for.

Frequent Talking

In girls, ADHD often manifests with frequent talking. If you have a child who appears to be quite chatty, it could indicate the necessity for a screening. This is especially the case if your child continues to talk frequently even after being asked to stop. This may also involve interrupting existing conversations.

Frequent Crying

In girls, ADHD may involve crying. This may not look like a tantrum, and the crying may occur over even the small slights. You may see the issue as no big deal, but your child may have an increased sensitivity to disappointment. This sensitivity may be linked to something beyond a personality trait.

Other Conditions

Girls may be more likely to experience ADHD if they also experience conditions like anxiety and depression. Frequent stress and low self-esteem are also associated with ADHD. They may be co-morbid with the condition of ADHD, indicating that your child may need treatment for one or more conditions.

Struggling to Finish Schoolwork

If your child suddenly struggles to get schoolwork done, it could be that your child is experiencing some problems with ADHD. Of course, this is not the only solution, but it can be indicative that your child is not just a "bad student."

Difficulty Paying Attention

Girls, like boys, may exhibit ADHD in their difficulty to pay attention. They may struggle to keep their attention focused in school, which may result in frequent daydreaming. They may not be able to keep up with the class because of this.

Messiness & Clutter

If your child has a messy bedroom or struggles to keep an organized backpack, it could be related to ADHD. The same applies to a child's desk that never seems to be cleared of clutter and garbage.

ADHD Diagnosis Can Answer Questions

Do you think your child may have ADHD? A professional opinion can clear up some of your questions and maybe even help you get the ADHD diagnosis your child deserves. Treatment may help your child strive. Make an appointment with a professional today.