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Understanding IV Therapy For Anxiety Treatment

If you live with moderate to severe anxiety, you know the need for the proper therapy and medications. You likely are already on a treatment plan. That treatment plan may include NAD. This is a coenzyme that helps boost your mood. It can also help with various issues in your body that are a result of the anxiety you are feeling, including help with neurotransmitters. One option for taking NAD treatment is to have it used in IV therapy or managed IV therapy. Here is what you need to understand about this form of therapy and how it may affect your anxiety treatment. 

At-Home Treatment

One of the leading options for NAD IV therapy is to have the treatment at home. This saves you the trip and appointment scheduling involved with most similar treatments. You can also fit the at-home treatment into your own schedule, as long as you are following your routine treatment plan your doctor gives you. It is also a fast way to help improve your mood once the IV treatment begins. The treatment can take as little as a few hours to administer. This timeframe makes it something that can be done in the evening after work or on the weekend during your normal resting period.

The Treatment Solution

One question you may have is about what the solution contains. In many cases, the IV treatment solution contains both the NAD coenzyme as well as several vitamins and minerals. For example, the treatment often includes Vitamin B12. This vitamin alone can help with cardio support as well as immune stability and converting food to energy. You also have Vitamin C for immune support as well as full-body support. Other B vitamins and a glutathione push may be included as well. The glutathione push is an antioxidant that can boost energy. These boosts help your body operate better, which can reduce your anxiety. 

Additional Treatments

Many patients may wonder what other supplemental treatments will be necessary for something like NAD IV therapy. The truth is that your doctor will likely be asking you to include an exercise routine, drink more water, and keep a journal. Basal temperature and mood may also be part of monitoring your treatment. The journal helps you keep track of what you are doing, what is helping, what is not helping, and if your basal temperature is changing as the IV therapy continues. 

If you are currently not receiving NAD IV therapy but you feel like it may help, talk to your doctor. They can discuss this change to your treatment and any issues you need to be aware of. They can also discuss a new treatment plan, a timeframe for the IV treatment, and other information that may deal directly with your personal situation and current medications. 

To learn more, ask a doctor about IV therapy.