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How to Get More Out of Your Reiki Appointment

One of the unique things about reiki is that it is a collaborative treatment. In other words, while a practitioner will guide the energy healing, you, as the patient, will also contribute to the session. The more active and engaged you are in your own reiki treatments, the better your results will be. So how can you get more out of your reiki appointment? Take a look.

1. Relax and clear your mind before the appointment.

Reiki sessions are the most healing and productive when your mind is open and at-ease. If you are someone who suffers from anxiety and you arrive at your appointment feeling anxious, your session won't be very productive. Try to set aside 30 minutes before your appointment to simply relax and empty your mind. You can meditate, do some light exercise, vape some CBD, or engage in any other strategy you know helps you relax. Engage in some deep breathing as you enter the reiki practitioner's office, and then let your calm, cool mind become immersed in the healing that is about to occur.

2. Find an energy healer who you feel comfortable and confident around.

Finding an energy healer is a bit like finding the right pair of shoes. A certain healer may be perfect for a friend, but you may not feel entirely comfortable or confident around them. This is okay. It does not mean there is anything wrong with you. If you don't feel like you're able to relax and connect with a certain healer, then ask them to recommend someone else. They won't be offended, as they understand the need for clients to connect to their healers.

3. Focus on the energy, not on your own body.

When you are lying on the table and receiving healing from your practitioner, make sure you focus on the energy flowing between you. Try to visualize the energy moving above your body, rather than focusing on your body itself. Focusing on the energy will help improve the flow of that energy from the healer's body into your own. As the level of the energy increases, you may notice some tingling or a profound sensation of relaxation come across your body, but don't focus on these feelings for too long — keep thinking about the energy, and it will keep flowing for you.

Reiki can be a very enjoyable healing treatment for a wide range of ailments. But as with most energy healing, you need to be an active contributor to your own treatment process.