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4 Tips to Get Prepared for Breast Cancer Treatment

A breast cancer diagnosis can bring about a lot of emotions, including fear of what to expect during treatment. These tips can help you get prepared for breast cancer treatment

1. Talk to your doctor about what to expect.

When your diagnosis is clear, your doctor will start building the treatment plan they feel will be most effective for you. Every person's situation can be different, but the doctor may recommend anything from surgery to chemo and radiation therapy. Talk to your doctor about your treatment plan so you have a clear understanding of what to expect during the breast cancer treatment process.

2. Build up your own support team to help you through. 

Your medical team is going to be a huge support network for you throughout the breast cancer treatment process for sure. However, it is your private support team that will be around long after everyone else has gone home. Talk to your loved ones about your condition and what your treatment process could look like. Let them know that you may occasionally need help with things like transportation, cooking, or taking care of your household or family responsibilities. If nothing else, your support team can be there when you are feeling down and need someone to talk to. 

3. Make sure you have a comfort bag with you for treatment sessions. 

If you will be undergoing chemotherapy sessions for breast cancer treatment, you may be in treatment for a while when you go. It is a good idea to put together your own bag of comfort items to have with you during treatment so you can feel comfortable and keep your mind busy in the process. A few things you may want to bring include: 

4. Make arrangements for transportation for treatment. 

Some people undergoing breast cancer treatment do drive themselves to treatment sessions, but depending on what type of treatment you will be getting, this may not be feasible. It is always a good idea if you make arrangements for transportation before your scheduled treatments. Some forms of medical insurance will cover medical transportation if you need a service provider to help you.

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