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Two Tips for Those Who Are about to Start Working in the Medical Profession and Need New Scrubs

If you have landed a job as a dentist, a nurse, a doctor, or any other medical professional, and you need to buy some scrubs, you might find this advice interesting.

1. If you're female, buy women's scrubs instead of unisex ones

Many healthcare clothing stores sell unisex scrubs. These should be fine for you if you're male. However, if you're female, it might be better to buy women's scrubs. While the unisex versions are perfectly functional for most male and female medical professionals, they're not ideal for women, especially ones who are quite short. This is because men's torsos tend to be considerably longer than women's. As such, you may find that, after trying on some unisex scrubs, the tops seem to be unflatteringly long on you. Additionally, most unisex scrub tops also tend to be quite wide and rectangular, because they need to accommodate men's bodies, which are generally wider than women's. Because of this, you may notice that they hang off you and make your upper body look bigger than it is.

Given this, if you want to feel confident and comfortable in your healthcare outfit, you should buy scrubs made for women. These will be shorter in the torso and be slightly more fitted in the waist area, which will create a nicer silhouette.

2. Buy a few emergency items to deal with torn or stained scrubs

When you work in any medical setting, it almost inevitable that your scrubs will get stained and occasionally torn. As a nurse or a doctor, for example, you may get blood or other fluids on your clothing, and distressed or disorientated patients might occasionally tear at or pull loose threads on your scrubs. Whilst if you get a big stain on your scrubs, you might have to change into a fresh pair, there may be days on which you either run out of clean scrubs or when you don't have time to do a full outfit change.

In these circumstances, having some emergency items in your locker that you can use to quickly spruce up your scrubs could be helpful. For example, you can use safety pins or some clear nail polish to prevent a hole in your scrubs from getting bigger, use a travel-sized sewing kit to add a couple of new stitches to torn threads in your pockets or use a pen-shaped stain remover to instantly get rid of small stains.