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Sciatica and the Mckenzie Method: What You Should Know

Back pain is a very common complaint in adults. Often, this results from nerve pain due to compression or irritation of the sciatic nerve.

The pain can be debilitating and if a person prefers not to depend on pain medications, how can the pain be managed? One proven way to help ease sciatic pain and bring relief to patients is the McKenzie method physical therapy.

What Is the McKenzie Method?

The McKenzie method is a form of physical therapy with an emphasis on self-healing techniques. This includes exercises and stretches to help conditions that affect the spine and extremities.

The method takes advantage of a person's own movements to abolish pain and restore function. This is done through a series of individualized exercises prescribed based on the patient's response.

How Effective Is This Method?

Many patients report results within 3 months of using the McKenzie method. This can vary by patient and severity of pain and discomfort.

The finding on this method is that it can be more effective at reducing pain than some other interventions; also, it is more effective at improving range of motion when compared to exercise alone.

Who Can Benefit?

Anyone who suffers from low back pain whether due to sciatica or other musculoskeletal issues can benefit from the McKenzie method. This includes a variety of pain instances:

When assessed and treated by a trained clinician, the patient can better understand the exercises that can help improve the pain and stiffness. Once the patients are accessed, they can better understand their role in helping improve their pain and ability to return to daily activities.

The long-term goal of this method is to teach patients how to treat themselves and manage pain through exercise and other strategies.

Often, people who are in pain think bed rest is ideal. This is not always the case and should not be a natural reaction. Prolonged rest can make sciatic pain worse. Whether a patient chooses to try the McKenzie method physical therapy or exercise and stretches, it's best to relieve pressure on the compressed sciatic nerve.

With sciatica pain, there are options and each patient is different. It's best to discuss the options with a doctor to find the best method for each individual.

There is hope for anyone suffering from sciatic pain. To learn more about the McKenzie method, visit a physical therapist near you.