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How Interventionist Injections Help People With Chronic Pain And Heart Health Issues

Pain management can be a challenge for people who have other health issues, particularly heart problems. That's because some medications may be damaging to the heart in a way that makes them too dangerous to take. Therefore, it is essential for those in this situation to find an alternative that suits their needs. Thankfully, interventionist injections can help by creating an alternative that works for a person's specific pain management needs. 

Some Pain Medications May Be Damaging to the Heart

Although most pain medications don't cause too many adverse reactions in a person, there are some that may be an issue if a person has heart disease. For example, many types of NSAID medications have ingredients that can increase blood pressure and heart rate. Though this does help manage pain relief in many situations, it can also cause damage or even trigger some cardiac issues.

Unfortunately, this means that a person with chronic pain may end up unable to take these medications. And while physical therapy and some other less-severe pain medications may help, they may not provide the total relief that an individual needs. As a result, it is important to consider care options, such as interventionist injections, that can provide relief without risking a person's heart health.

How Interventionist Injections May Help

Interventionist injections are provided by unique pain management experts who understand the potential problems that some pain medications may cause in a person's life. For example, they can identify alternative options that work for a person's pain management, such as non-NSAID medications, and inject them, as needed, to balance a person's level of pain.

Beyond this factor, interventionists also understand other care options that help a person regain a pain-free life. They will not only give injections but will also provide exercises and other care options that help a person reduce their pain without damaging their heart. These routines are designed to be simple to execute and focused on specific areas of the body that may be triggering various types of pain.

Even better, many of these injections are designed to work for lengthy periods, sometimes weeks or even months at a time. As a result, many people can get lengthy relief from pain without having to get multiple treatments. This benefit is significant for those with heart problems because heavy pain may cause their heart to race and could cause other complications that may put their life at risk.

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