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The Benefits of Using a DHEA Hormone Cream After Menopause

Most women notice substantial changes in their health and well-being after menopause. Your doctor may have discussed with you the possibility of estrogen replacement therapy. But one other option that is not mentioned as often is the use of DHEA hormone cream. DHEA is a precursor to estrogen and testosterone. When you apply it to your skin, it is absorbed into your bloodstream, and your body converts it to the needed balance of estrogen and testosterone.

So what are the benefits of using a DHEA cream after menopause? Take a look.

1. Improved energy levels

If you find that you feel less energetic and motivated than you used to feel, this may not simply be due to age. It could be due to falling testosterone levels — something pure estrogen supplements won't do anything about. The small amounts of testosterone present in women's bodies do help boost energy levels. Using a DHEA cream will increase your testosterone levels and therefore help you feel more energetic. You may not need that afternoon nap or an extra cup of coffee anymore.

2. Better cardiovascular health

Heart disease and heart attacks are unfortunately common in post-menopausal women. However, DHEA can be really helpful for lowering the risk of heart disease. It has a positive impact on cholesterol levels. It can also help you remain more active, which in turn keeps your heart healthier.

3. Lower risk of osteoporosis

Osteoporosis is a big concern for women after menopause. This condition causes the blood to leech calcium out of the bones, which causes the bones to weaken and become more prone to fractures. There are medications to treat osteoporosis, but obviously it is better to prevent it from developing in the first place. Using a DHEA hormone cream can help keep your estrogen levels up, which helps prevent your bones from beginning to leech calcium.

4. Improved libido

A loss of libido is common after menopause. By increasing levels of estrogen, DHEA  can counteract this effect. You will be less likely to experience issues like vaginal dryness and vaginal tears, too. This can help keep your relationship healthy as you age.

DHEA creams are easy to apply, and as you can see, they have a lot of benefits for women who have been through menopause. Talk to your doctor to learn more and to see whether using a DHEA hormone cream is right for you.