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Why Substantial Weight Loss Efforts Should Be Supervised By A Doctor

If you only need to lose 5 or 10 pounds, you can likely do that on your own without the help of a doctor. (Although seeing a personal trainer might be helpful.) Losing 50 or even 100 pounds, however, is a different story. Substantial weight loss like this really should be supervised by a doctor. Here are a few reasons why this is the case.

1. Determining your best calorie intake can be difficult.

To lose substantial weight, you need to eat far fewer calories than you burn each day. But if your calorie intake drops too low, it can have negative consequences on your overall health, and it may also cause you to binge eat. A doctor can determine a safe number of calories for you to aim for each day so your diet is effective but not dangerous.

2. There may be underlying medical conditions contributing to your weight.

There may be a reason why you are substantially overweight in the first place. You could be suffering from a hormone imbalance or an eating disorder. A doctor can help figure out what underlying conditions are affecting you so that those conditions can be properly treated, which will help you lose weight.

3. Being accountable to a professional helps keep you motivated.

Sure, you could have a friend be your accountability partner, or you could join a weight loss support group. But losing large amounts of weight is very challenging, and being accountable to a professional is different somehow. Knowing that your doctor is going to weigh you at each and every appointment can motivate you to stick to your meal plan and exercise routine even when things get tough.

4. Doctors can recommend safe and effective weight loss aids.

There are thousands of weight loss supplements and pills out there. Many of them are ineffective, and some of them are unsafe. When you work with a doctor to pursue substantial weight loss, they can recommend supplements and medications that are effective and safe. This will not only help you lose weight faster, but it will keep you from wasting money on what could be snake oil or poison.

Medically supervised weight loss programs are becoming easier to find, and they're a great choice for anyone who has more than a couple of pounds to lose. There's nothing quite like having a medical doctor in your corner as you pursue your goal of losing weight. Contact a doctor to learn more about medical weight loss.