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Prtms Treatment: Common FAQs

The brain is one of the most complex organs, and it relies heavily on electrical energy pulses to function properly. PrTMS treatment is associated with these electrical signals, and it could help individuals with certain conditions. 

How is PrTMS treatment different from TMS treatment?

PrTMS is the same thing as TMS treatment, but it is more personalized in nature. TMS treatment stands for transcranial magnetic stimulation. PrTMS stands for personalized repetitive transcranial magnetic stimulation. Before the PrTMS treatment is delivered, the signals are adjusted to work with the electrical brain signals of the patient. With traditional TMS, all patients are given the same treatment regardless of their personal brain signals or issue. 

How does PrTMS work?

The brain's electrical impulses have a lot to do with emotion, thought, and focus. However, individuals who have certain psychological issues can have certain neurons or parts of the brain that are acting in a way that is out of sync with the rest of the brain's electrical activity. PrTMS works by sending magnetic pulses in a repetitive way through the brain in an effort to realigns all neurological activity on the same frequency. 

What kinds of conditions can PrTMS be used to treat?

PrTMS treatment is most often associated with treatment for major depressive disorders. So far, studies of TMS for depression are the only finished studies even though many more are underway. However, it is also used to treat several other psychological disorders, such as: 

How does PrTMS treatment feel?

Most patients who undergo this treatment do not feel anything at all during their session. You will be seated in a comfortable chair during treatment, and you can simply relax until the session is over. You may occasionally feel the slight sensation of something tapping on your head but that is about the only sensation you should feel. In rare cases, patients may have a really mild headache after treatment. 

Will insurance cover PrTMS treatment costs?

The treatment may be covered by some insurance providers for specific conditions. However, due to the relative newness of this kind of treatment, some insurance providers do not recognize PrTMS treatment as an included treatment. If you are working with a medical provider, they can look at your insurance and let you know if your treatment will be covered in whole or in part. 

To learn more, speak with a PrTMS specialist