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How To Memorialize Your Loved One When Opting For Cremation

If you have recently lost someone close to you, then you and the other family members and loved ones might be planning on a cremation. If this is the case, then you could be wondering how you can properly memorialize your loved one. There are actually a few options for doing so, including the ones below.

Donate Your Loved One's Body to Science

One option that many people never consider is the option to donate a loved one's body to science. Although this is not an option that everyone feels comfortable with, it is an option that could help others in the long run. Then, you will know that your loved one's body was used for positive purposes after his or her death, which can be a good feeling for everyone who is involved. Additionally, this is a good cost-cutting measure if your family can't really afford a cremation, since many of the organizations that accept bodies for scientific purposes will perform the cremation afterward for free or for a reduced cost.

Scatter the Ashes in the Right Place

Another option is to pick a great place to scatter your loved one's ashes. Your loved one might have told you about where he or she wanted the ashes to be scattered, or you might have your own ideas in mind. Just make sure that you look into the legalities of spreading your loved one's ashes in your family's chosen spot.

Purchase a Headstone

Did you know that you can purchase a headstone or other similar memorial for someone without actually having them buried? Some people find that this is comforting for them, but you don't have to worry about the added cost of an actual burial. You may be able to purchase a plot in a cemetery for this purpose, or you can choose to put a memorial in your yard or in another nice place.

Store the Ashes in a Unique, Nice Way

If you are going to be keeping your loved one's ashes instead of scattering them, then you will probably want to look for the right way to store them. There are many beautiful urns out there, and you can also look into options like putting some of the ashes into a necklace or keychain. Many families choose to distribute some of the ashes among several different pieces of jewelry so that all of the close family members and friends will have something to remember their loved one by.