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Six Mistakes To Avoid When It Comes To Taking Sleeping Pills

Sleeping pills can be very useful when it comes to treating your insomnia. However, it's important to avoid mistakes when taking sleeping pills so that you don't suffer from any complications.

The following are six mistakes to avoid when it comes to taking sleeping pills. 

Failing to disclose all existing medical conditions before being prescribed a prescription sleeping pill

It's important that your doctor is aware of any medical conditions you have when deciding which prescription to prescribe you for your insomnia.

Your chances of experiencing harmful side effects when taking a particular sleeping pill could be increased if you're suffering from certain medical conditions. Be as detailed as possible when discussing your medical history with your doctor before being prescribed a prescription sleep medicine. 

Neglecting to read any instructions or information that comes along with your sleeping pills

Sleeping pills should come with directions indicating when you should take the medication and what habits or behaviors you need to avoid around the time you take the medication.

Make sure you carefully read through all instructions and follow them as long as you continue taking the medication to avoid complications. 

Taking more than your prescription specifies

Patients are sometimes tempted to take more medication than they're prescribed if they feel they're not getting good enough results from the prescribed amount. However, this is very dangerous.

If you take more than you're prescribed, you put yourself at risk of overdosing or becoming addicted to the medication you're taking. If you feel tempted to take more than you're prescribed, you should discuss this with your doctor.

Your doctor might be able to help you achieve better results by switching your prescription to another medication that works better for you. 

Consuming alcoholic beverages within a few hours of taking a sleeping pill

Consuming alcohol when you're taking sleeping pills is a bad idea for numerous reasons. First off, alcohol consumption has a tendency to interfere with sleep and aggravate insomnia issues. Alcohol consumption can also lead to drug interactions with sleep aids that could make you ill. 

Attempting to drive soon after taking a sleeping pill

Sleeping pills can delay your reflexes and impair your motor skills. This means that it is dangerous to take sleeping pills before you drive a motor vehicle. 

Taking a sleeping pill without first discussing it with your physician

You should always discuss sleeping pills with your physician before you take them. This is true even when it comes to over-the-counter sleeping pills.

Your physician can analyze your medical history and make sure that sleeping pills won't aggravate existing medical conditions you have or cause dangerous drug interactions with any medications you're already taking. 

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