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Insight To Keep Your Shoes Maintained For Optimal Foot Health

Your feet may be a small part of your body and your overall health, but they take a heavy burden from walking and standing each day. Your feet are responsible for a lot of your activities, and if you were to not be able to use them for one day, you would realize how important they are. For this reason, it is essential that you take care of your feet and their health. Here are some signs that you need to upgrade your footwear with new and improved shoes and inserts for optimal foot health.

Your Feet Hurt

One of the signs you should look out for is your feet hurting. Wearing improperly fitting and worn-out shoes will quickly cause foot pain in several areas on your feet, such as the ball of your foot, its arch, the heel, or directly on your toes. Any bodily pain and discomfort is a sign that something is wrong, and in this case, it is your feet that are the issue.

If your feet hurt in a manner that is new or extreme, it might be a good idea for you to see your doctor. You might need the help of a custom orthotic insole to help adjust your walk and the pressure upon your feet. For example, if you are recently pregnant or have lost a considerable amount of weight, these can change how you carry yourself when walking, which can put excess pressure on different areas of your feet, causing you pain.

The Insoles Are In Bad Condition

Another sign that you need to replace your shoes will come when the insoles of your existing shoes have changed color, have cracked, smell bad, or have lifted from the inside of the shoe. Your insoles provide a good indication of the age of your shoes, regardless of the exterior of your shoes. Snap a picture of your insoles when you get new ones to help you keep track of their original condition and the date you purchased them.

If you already wear orthotic insoles, check them for wear, such as cracks, compression in areas that were once uncompressed, or the flattening of your insole. Your doctor can fit you with a new orthotic or refurbish your old ones if possible. Or it might just be time for you to get new orthotics because your foot pressure has changed and your orthotics need to be adjusted to provide different areas of support. Reach out to a custom orthotics center to learn more.