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Erectile Dysfunction Causes and What You Can Do About It

Erectile dysfunction means that you can keep an erection long enough to participate in intercourse, or that you can't attain one at all. There are several reasons that you might need to see an erectile dysfunction doctor, especially once you reach a certain age. It is a problem experienced more often by men over 40 years old, although younger men can experience ED if they are on prescription medication that includes this side effect.

When you are not able to enjoy your sex life because of an inability to perform, there are ED treatment options available to you. It's more common than you think, and it's worth going to an ED doctor to get the treatment you need.

Exercise and Your Erectile Dysfunction

A sedentary lifestyle can lead to problems with erectile dysfunction over time. If you are overweight, it is time to start exercising. Men who are sedentary and overweight often have more estrogen than healthy men of the same age. The higher levels of estrogen are thought to be a contributing factor to ED. This can be reversed through diet and exercise without the use of prescription medication. If you are experiencing ED, try some exercise and weight loss to see if that helps.

Your Heart Health and ED

The health of your heart can have a direct impact on your ability to maintain an erection. Heart disease, high cholesterol levels, and high blood pressure can all contribute to ED. At an erectile dysfunction clinic, your treatment provider may suggest medication to control blood pressure and get your cholesterol down. If your doctor suspects that you have heart disease, you may need to start working with a cardiologist to get your condition under control.

ED and Blood Sugar Levels

Diabetes can wreak havoc on your health and can lead to erectile dysfunction. While you might not be able to completely reverse problems with ED and blood sugar levels, you can work to optimize your blood sugar for your overall health. When your blood sugar levels are in control, you may have an easier time dealing with your ED with the help of your treatment provider.

ED can occur for a range of reasons, so it's important to get yourself as healthy as you can. Work to maintain good blood sugar levels, and reach your optimal weight if possible. Work to move more each day, and work with your ED doctor on ways to improve your ED.