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How To Make Your Phentermine Prescription More Effective

Phentermine tablets are used for weight loss, but they are the most effective when they are used in the right way. It's possible to reduce the side effects of phentermine while also making the treatment more effective. 

Know How Phentermine Works

To use phentermine effectively, you need to understand what it is. Phentermine is used as a stimulant to both increase the number of calories that you burn and reduce your appetite. The FDA allows for phentermine to be used in the short term as a weight loss medication when combined with diet and exercise. 

Have Short-Term and Long-Term Plans for Weight Loss

Because you are only able to use phentermine in the short term, you'll need to use the medication as an opportunity to develop different eating habits. You'll want to start a schedule for when you will have something to eat and you want to practice eating in smaller proportions at meals rather than eating whenever you feel hungry.

Take Phentermine with Food and Water

It's important to take phentermine at least 30 minutes before a meal. Make sure that the meal you have is healthy. By taking the tablet, your body will be better able to burn the calories and you'll be able to choose smaller portion sizes without feeling hungry afterward. Also, make sure to drink water.

Learn About Topiramate

Phentermine can be very effective when it is combined with topiramate. This is a drug that is used to reduce seizures and also has appetite-reducing properties. However, you will want to speak with your doctor about whether combining these two medications will be right for you. 

Make Lifestyle Changes

You will want to consider other reasons why you eat besides hunger. You might find that you eat because you are stressed, bored, or feeling depressed. Treating these emotions can help you reduce your likelihood of turning to food. Also, you might find that you're eating a lot socially.

Make it clear to your friends and family members that you are trying to lose weight and encourage them to schedule activities that are not built around food. For example, if you often find yourself over-indulging with appetizers, you might ask your family if you can go for a hike together rather than having a party where trays of food are served. But when combining lifestyle changes with medications such as phentermine, you'll have a much easier time reducing your appetite and getting your weight under control. Contact resources like Doctor to Help for more information.