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How Can Sports Medicine Injury Therapy Help You?

As an athlete, you may have heard the advice "walk it off" as it pertains to injury management. The idea that injuries should be ignored is harmful to both your health and athletic performance. When left untreated, sports injuries can worsen; they may even lead to permanent disabilities. If you're injured while participating in athletic activity, you should see a sports medicine doctor right away, especially if the injury doesn't resolve itself within a day or two. Here are four ways sports medicine injury therapy can help you:

1. Thorough Diagnosis

A sports medicine doctor will examine your body to diagnose the cause of your pain. Since these doctors specialize in treating athletes, they know which injuries are likely to afflict active people. Your doctor will diagnose you by listening to your symptoms, examining your body, and palpating your injured body part. If necessary, they will also order x-rays and MRI tests to check for internal damage.

2. Acute Injury Treatment

In cases of acute injury, the first step to recovery is often immobilizing the joint to allow it to heal. More severe injuries, such as broken bones, may require a cast to keep the bone in place while it mends. Minor injuries such as sprains and repetitive stress injuries may simply require a brace. Your sports medicine doctor can recommend an appropriate type of brace to help you heal from any acute injury you may have suffered.

3. Physical Therapy

Physical therapy is an integral part of sports medicine therapy. Physical therapy focuses on getting your body back to good health following an injury. It utilizes a combination of massage, chiropractic care, stretching, and gentle exercise to strengthen your body. Your physical therapist will push you just hard enough to help you recover while making sure you don't re-injure yourself as a result of their care. A good physical therapist is invaluable when it comes to treating any type of athletic injury.

4. Restorative Surgery

In some cases, physical therapy alone may not be enough to heal an injury. Restorative surgery is an option for anyone whose sports injury is still causing them pain after physical therapy, rest, and bracing. Torn ligaments, damaged cartilage, and certain types of broken bones may need to be repaired through surgery. If your sports medicine doctor is unable to perform these surgeries themselves, they can refer you to a specialist.

Taking care of your physical body can make you a better athlete. The next time you hurt yourself during physical activity, make sure you seek prompt medical attention. 

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